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Patrick Durkin

Reaching Higher States
with Structured Water

with Patrick Durkin

Patrick's Special Offer


Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

Healing the
Wounded Heart

with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

Dr. McDonald's Special Offer

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

From Grief
to Gratitude

with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

Bruce Lipton

The Science of Creating
Heaven on Earth

with Bruce Lipton

Gregg Braden

"Deep Truth" for
Conscious Evolution

with Gregg Braden

Eric Pearl

Reconnective Healing:
Your Body Is More Powerful Than
You Know

with Eric Pearl

Joan Borysenko

Hardship as a Portal
to Conscious Evolution

with Joan Borysenko

Gabriel Cousens

Living in a Way that
Enhances the
Conscious Evolution
of the Planet

with Gabriel Cousens

Howard Martin

Heart Intelligence
for Changing Our World

with Howard Martin

Kenji Kumara

Illuminating the State of Grace:
The Miracle and Magic of Love

with Kenji Kumara

Sue Morter

The Energy Codes

with Sue Morter

Anodea Judith

The Shift:
Ignition of the Personal
and Global Heart

with Anodea Judith

Danielle McKinnon

Reveal Your Soul Secrets
and Live Brilliantly!

with Danielle McKinnon