Nov 22, 2017

Three Steps to Healing, Happiness & Abundance

Join us on Thursday, November 30th to discover the three steps to healing, happiness & abundance. Learn how to remove negative energy from your mind, body and spirit, how  to repair physical and emotional dammage and fill your life with positive emotions. Our guest, healer Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari, will share his techniques on how to enhance and repair the areas of mind, body and spirit that you want to address.

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Aug 21, 2017

Transformational Visionaries Share Their Wisdom with You!

Imagine living the life of your dreams!  What if you could evolve to the highest version of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Imagine learning from master teachers to live your best life every day. The Wisdom Show has been inspiring tens of thousands of people around the world since 2012 with breakthrough paradigm shifts and leading edge transformational teachers.

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Bruce H. Lipton, PhD Gregg Braden Dr. Eric Pearl Joan Borysenko GabrielCousens
Bruce Lipton Gregg Braden Eric Pearl Joan Borysenko Gabriel Cousens
Howard Martin Kenji Kumara Dr. Sue Morter Anodea Judith Danielle MacKinnon
Howard Martin Kenji Kumara Sue Morter Anodea Judith Danielle MacKinnon


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“Thanks for providing us with great programs. I’ve been in the community of conscious evolution and spiritual awareness for years.  I love your personality and authenticity.” ~  Mimi