Jun 5, 2013

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Adam King

Live show date: June 5th
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Step Into Parallel Awareness and See From Source

Join us as Visionary and Master of Transformation Adam King presents a special slide show presentation designed for you to look beyond your physical reality. In this truly original and thought -provoking webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to step outside your limited physical reality and see from source
  • Understand and leverage the four variables of human experience, suffering and success
  • Witness first-hand your “blind spots” and how to see past them
  • Learn new logical and emotional reasoning through parallel awareness

Adam King  is the creator of  The Tessera Method, a non-physical application that produces neuro-physiological affects that can result in a massive state of transformation. Using specialized scenarios, stories and plots, sound effects, atmospheric soundscapes and powerful music, Adam employs a unique, cutting-edge technology- Mental Auditory Simulation(MAS). The result is an experiential tool  that takes you on a transformational  journey to create your best life.