Aug 26, 2012

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Ann Webb

Live show date:  August 29
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How to Create and Live Your Ideal Life Vision

Ann Webb is best known as “The Life Vision Expert”.  Her message is simple:  There is “manifesting”, and then there is actually having a concrete, super-detailed “here’s what I REALLY want” plan where you name everything you desire, so you actually start to GET it. Ann will be sharing her secret “get everything you want” weapon, including…

  • WHY affirmations are “old-school” (and not in a good way)
  • How to super-charge your Vision Board (if it’s not cutting it)
  • The “secret sauce” that will actually change your brain’s neural pathways, so you can make life changes
  • The 3 key ingredients that you won’t get your goals without
  • Her easy, revolutionary tool  for living your Ideal Life!

Ann Webb has coached hundreds of  successful entrepreneurs in getting crystal clear in both their business and personal visions, resulting in more money, better relationships, and improved health and fitness.

Ann was introduced to this concept of creating a written and recorded “creed” or life vision by her mentor Leo Weidner – a former student of  “Think and Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill. She used her own Ideal Life Vision to create a seven figure income in two short years. Ann is the creator and author of  “Creating Your Ideal LifeVision”, a revolutionary program that has helped thousands of people to start living their Ideal Life. Ann uses tangible tools and strategies to get tangible Life Results!