May 28, 2013

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Colette Stefan

Live show date:  May 29th
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Ride the Wave of Your Infinite Potential

Are you searching for answers? Do you want to learn how to connect with your intuition to create the abundance you deserve? How would you like to remain calm and centered in spite of world chaos, and solve life’s problems with ease? What if you could have more fun and experience less pain and suffering? Join us as Powerful Remote Healer Colette Stefan demonstrates the Yuen Method, and shares:

  • Why It’s Important to Get Neutral and Give Up the Fight
  • How to Maximize Your Physical Potential To Manifest in the Physical World
  • How to Shift Old Energy Patterns & Karma
  • How to Bring Balance Back Into Your Life
  • How to Increase Your Finances

Colette Stefan began her journey into the art of shifting energy after witnessing the remote healing of a family member who barely survived a near fatal car accident.  This search led her to discover the Yuen Method™. After completing certification in 2008, she was designated by Dr Kam Yuen as a Certified Yuen Method™ Instructor in 2010, and to date has taught thousands of people around the world.  

Colette has continued to strengthen her understanding and skills by studying quantum physics with Cosmologist & Inventor Nassim Haramein as an Emissary of the Resonance Project Foundation. Most recently she has completed her Teachers Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy with Hermann Muller, founder of Australasian Psychosomatic Body Mind Analysis and Therapy. Colette originally created her company ‘Crystaline Vision: The Art of Intuition’ in 2007 as an expression of her heart’s path.