May 1, 2013

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David Dibble

Live show date:  May 8th
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DreamWork- Receive Perfect Guidance For Any Question In A Dream

DreamWork  is a breakthrough in understanding the important messages every dream has for us. I recently worked with the creator of this methodology, David Dibble, and experienced profound insights through my dreams!

We can finally know what our dreams have been trying to tell us, and receive answers to life’s most important questions in our dreams. Join us as David reveals:

  • What is really happening when we dream
  • How to interpret dreams to receive important messages
  • How to always take “right action” to best address your biggest concerns quickly
  • How to make a direct connection with Inner Wisdom (Higher Consciousness)
  • How to do your own Dream Assignment
  • How to coach others in doing DreamWork

David Dibble, a former CEO of a highly successful technology company, is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach and spiritual master of dream interpretation. He has written four books , and is the creator of  The Four Agreements at Work, based upon his eight years of work directly with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling book The Four Agreements. David’s most current work is in three  bodies of knowledge: DreamWork, CharacterTypes (CTypes) and Conscious Systems. DreamWork is a methodology for creating a direct connection with Inner Wisdom through “Dream Assignments,” asking life’s most profound questions, and receiving perfect guidance in a dream. David’s message, commitment and mission are to take DreamWork into the world in a significant and meaningful way that raises human consciousness globally.