Feb 11, 2013

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Dr. Bob Marshall

Live show date: February 13th
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Health and Longevity Secrets

What are the keys to living a long, healthy life? What are some of the biggest health issues today? How does digestion play a role in longevity? Learn why health concerns “start from the gut”. With the current Standard American Diet, often referred to as “SAD”,  a majority of the population lacks optimal digestion. Join us as Dr. Bob Marshall shares what he has learned in his 35 years of clinical practice. Find out what  the most important nutritional deficiencies are and how you can avoid them.

Dr. Marshall began manufacturing supplements after being poisoned by a supplement containing genetically modified tryptophan. This led him to seek the highest quality nutrients and create Quantum Nutrition labs to manufacture them.

Are you confused about what supplements to take to improve your health? Join us for a fascinating discussion about  what you need to know to maintain great health.

Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD, is a Certified Clinicial Nutritionist as well as a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He has been a practicing Clinical Nutritionist since 1974, has taught nutrition at various educational institutions and is the past president of The International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. Dr. Marshall’ s daily radio broadcast, Healthline, has aired for over 25 years, offering insightful, life-saving information to thousands of listeners on health and nutrition. The program airs Monday through Saturday in 53 major markets. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Marshall has traveled extensively, learning the health secrets of many cultures. He has lectured nationally and internationally  to medical seminars,  nutritional organizations and social groups.