Aug 13, 2012

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Dr. Bruce Berkowsky

Live show date:  August 16
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True Health: Merging the Rhythms of The Natural and Spiritual Worlds

With our country’s health care system in crisis, it is more  important than ever to empower ourselves to take care of our own health. Please join us as  Traditional Naturopath  Dr. Bruce Berkowsky shares the true basis of health.

  • Dr. Berkowsky outlines why health can only be produced, and disease eliminated, by restoring the original life-rhythm between the human body and the external forces of nature.
  • The power to cure disease resides only within one’s body, according to Dr. Berkowsky, once the fundamental elements of life and health have been set in place.
  • Learn what those elements are and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives.
  • And don’t miss a fascinating discussion about Dr. Berkowsky’s creation of  Spiritual PhytoEssencing, a system designed to encourage psycho-spiritual development using essential oils.

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky is President of Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc., Natural Health Science™ Advisor to the Institute of Applied Biochemistry and faculty member of the British Institute of Homeopathy . He is the founder/teacher of the Natural Health Science System™ which he designed following 25-years of research and clinical practice, and includes herbology, nutrition, aromatherapy, exercise, traditional nature-cure as well as East/West healing arts/bodywork and homeopathy (1994 Recipient of the Hahnemann Award).

His Spiritual PhytoEssencing™ is based upon a synthesis of his clinical experience using aromatherapy, herbology, physiology, classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and the Kabbalah. Dr. Berkowsky presents in-depth seminars/workshops to health-care professionals and spiritually oriented laypersons.