Aug 3, 2012

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Empowering Your Life – Fall 2012 Guests

The Wisdom Show Airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Dr. Alex Loyd Dr. Norman Shealy Dr. Symeon Rodger Susann Taylor Shier Brent Phillips
Dr. Bradley Nelson Kaitlyn Keyt Dr. Patrick Porter Karen Curry Jean Slatter
Jana Tzinberg Randy Gage Joanne Justis

Guests & Topics

Dr. Alex Loyd
The Healing Codes – 6 Minutes to Healing the True Source of Disease
Dr. Norm Shealy
Life Beyond 100- Secrets of the Fountain of Life
Dr. Symeon Rodger
Reversing the 7 Deadly Spirals of Disease
Susann Taylor Shier
Discover Your Soul’s Purpose and Access Your Soul’s Gifts
Brent Phillips
The Formula for Miracles- Where Science Meets Spirit
Dr. Bradley Nelson
The Emotion Code – Dissolve Your Heart Wall !
Kaitlyn Keyt
Discovering Your Genius
Dr. Patrick Porter
Unlock the Keys to Mastering Your Life Through Your Subconscious Mind
Karen Curry
Your Human Design : The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are
Jean Slatter
Hiring the Heavens to Fulfill Your Daily and Life Goals
Jana Tzinberg
Empowering Your Health with Essential Oils
Randy Gage
Risky is The New Safe – Why Playing by Conventional Rules No Longer Works
Joanne Justis
Understanding Your God Code: Manifesting From a Place of Power