Jul 28, 2012

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Gregg Braden

Live show date:  August 2nd
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“Deep Truth” – Bridging Science and Spirituality

New York  Times best-selling author and Visionary  Scientist  Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts for more than 25 years to uncover their timeless secrets. Gregg is a foremost authority on the Mayans and predictions about 2012, and says he sees the need for humanity to change, but not to panic.

Gregg suggests that  how we choose to evolve will determine our future, and that we have the opportunity to choose our destiny in the window of time that began in 1980 and extends until 2016.

Gregg’s latest book,  Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures and nations – seemingly disparate issues such as war, terrorism, genocide, poverty, economic collapse and climate change – are actually related. Providing scientific insights for solutions to our world crisis, Gregg  states that all of these issues stem from a worldview based upon the false assumptions of an incomplete science.

With the world at a crossroads, Gregg will discuss how the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past.