Jun 24, 2013

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Mas Sajady

Live show date: June 26th
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Connect to Pureness- Bridge the Gap to Unlimited Abundance!

Internationally known Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healer and Success Energizer Mas Sajady has the amazing ability to connect you to your Pure Essence ! Mas’ abilities are so legendary  that many listeners of  The Wisdom Show have requested his  appearance  on our show! Join us to experience Mas’ healing work which can create transformative, miraculous changes whether heard live or recorded. Join us for this transformational journey as Mas shares his abilities to help you …

  •  Live through your Transparant Self Image, where you can “choose” a vibrant, healthier you
  • Resolve persistent health issues
  • Energize your core self  image for rapid achievement
  • Remove self-defeating patterns
  • Instill the image of wealth and remove financial blocks

Mas Sajady has always been gifted intuitively. Two near death experiences opened him up to reaching higher levels of awareness where miracles can and do happen. He was gifted with the ability to heal people. Headaches, backaches and other physical ailments seemed to disappear within minutes of helping people. He experienced meditations that enabled him to transcend his physical body and gain knowledge on a multitude of subjects including spiritual and earthly matters. Whether it is in the areas of health, finances, relationships or spirituality, Mas has help thousands around the world to transform their lives.