Apr 7, 2013

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Michael Smith

Live show date:  April 10th
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Master Your Energy and Personal Power

How would you like to embrace your amazing ability to perceive energy? What if you discovered that what you think and feel might not be actually originating from you? How would you like to improve your intuitive abilities? Join us as Dr. Michael Smith reveals how it is possible, through applying specific energy techniques, to eliminate the impact of the negative energy that you perceive from others and your environment. You will also learn how to:

  •  Discover if  you may be an “empath,” a person sensitive to the energy of others
  •  Set proper boundaries with others so that you are no longer drained or fatiqued
  • Discharge the negative energy you may pick up with transformational energy exercises
  • Empower yourself with several simple but powerful affirmations

For over 20 years, Dr. Michael R. Smith has worked to help individuals  recognize and embrace their connection to Universal source energy.  He is the author of three popular books, including ‘The Complete Empath Toolkit.’  As a trained counselor, energy medicine practitioner, and a spirit medium, his work on empathic sensitivity has been promoted by best-selling authors like Sonia Choquette, and he has been featured in several documentary films. Over 700,000 individuals have downloaded Dr. Smith’s materials at Empath Connection, and his monthly newsletter is read by tens of thousands. Dr. Smith has spent the last 10 years working with indigenous healers around the world to more deeply explore and promote human potential.