May 12, 2013

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Nadia Tumas

Live show date:  May 14th
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Awaken Your Unlimited Wisdom By Discovering Your Life Purpose

Would you like to know what your hands reveal about you? What if you could know your very specific business niche…your unique gifts…how to attract more financial success ?  Nadia Tumas, The Life Purpose Decoder, will reveal how the answer to these questions is literally at your fingertips. We are all born with a personal blueprint of our life simply sitting on our fingertips, and Nadia will reveal  how it works.

Using her unique system of Life Purpose Decoding, combined with her more than 30 years of intuitive hand analysis, Nadia recently showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt how this process is one of the quickest transformational tools in existence! Nadia uncovered some gifts I haven’t been focusing on, and then intuitively guided me to my  next steps in bringing  new work out into the world! You will be amazed to learn how quickly your life can change through Nadia’s system!

Internationally known Advanced Certified Hand Analyst Nadia Tumas is a Master at Decoding Your Life Purpose . Nadia shares information with her clients that gives them an invaluable blueprint and a greater understanding of themselves and the purpose for which they were created. Combining her unique system, her high sense of perception , her clairvoyant abilities and her understanding of Human Psychology, Nadia coaches clients to live in alignment with their Life Purpose and create absolutely everything they want in life!