Jul 6, 2012

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Pamala Oslie

Live show date:  July 12
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Aura Colors, Parallel Universes

Pamala Oslie is a successful author, consultant, lecturer and professional “sensitive” (psychic) who also has the ability to see electro-magnetic fields or auras. She will be speaking about what our auras reveal, how we can access parallel universes, our emerging human potential, the power of our thoughts to create reality and how understanding quantum physics can change our lives.

Pamala has three books:

Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors say about you
Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships & Auras
Make Your Dreams Come True

Pamala has been a guest lecturer at  The International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 Companies, and many psychology and health seminars. With a large international clientele, including many celebrities, Pamala  has been helping people create happy and fulfilling lives for over 28 years.