Nov 6, 2012

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Randy Gage

Show date: November 8th
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Risky is The New Safe

– Have you ever questioned whether playing it safe was the right approach to take in your life or in your work?
– Are you wondering how to adapt to the massive worldwide  changes we  are experiencing?

If so, you won’t want to miss this hour with dynamic thought leader Randy Gage, author of Risky is the New Safe. With our financial system in shambles, technology eliminating millions of jobs and entire economies failing, most of us are experiencing more questions than answers. Randy Gage’s insights promise to help us to sort out and understand this myriad of new challenges.

“Things have changed and they’re never going back,” according to Randy. “This calamitous transformation is creating new and more daunting challenges – and great opportunities.”

Join us as Randy, one of the preeminent experts on prosperity and success in the world, presents the problems with playing by conventional rules, blows them up with shocking clarity, and then offers specific solutions we can use immediately to create success in our lives. Randy’s straight-shooting advice is designed to inspire us to challenge our beliefs, confront our fears, and – if we are open to it – shows us how to make money in the new economy.

In this hour, Randy will reveal:

  • How mavericks like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg think differently – and what you can learn from them
  • The six-month online course that could allow you to earn more than a Ph.D.
  • How social media and mobile applications will change marketing forever
  • The challenges created by cloning and biogenetic engineering
  • Why the most sought-after currency in the new economy will be ideas

Prosperity Expert Randy Gage rose from a jail cell as a teenager to become a self-made millionaire. Along the way, he overcame addictions and near bankruptcy to go on to inspire millions around the  world. Randy is the author of eight international bestsellers which have been translated into more than 25 languages, and dozens of audio and video resources on success. His new book, Risky if the New Safe, debuted # 1 at Barnes and Noble October 30th, 2012.