Jan 17, 2013

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Rebecca Quave

Live show date: January 17th
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Transform Your Health and Wealth with The Release Technique

Are you tired of worrying about your health and finances and  not finding answers? What would you like to change right now? Do you often feel tense? Is stress coursing through your veins and eating you alive? Are you suffering from an illness, ailment or health challenge that you would like to get rid of? Would you like more energy?

Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia and UCLA  studies have proven the effectiveness of The Release Technique. Join us as as Rebecca  Quave demonstrates live how this powerful inner technique for letting  go has changed the lives of over 100,000 people around the globe, and can help you.

  • Dramatically and quickly improve your health without dangerous drugs or costly treatment
  • Remove your body’s pain and give you blessed relief
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Have abundant health, joy and riches
  • Rid yourself of  fear, which is holding you back from having everything in life
  • Boost your energy and vitality like never before, and easily be able to  let go of any charged feelings on the spot

Rebecca Quave is a Best-Selling Author, and a Coach to the Coaches. Rebecca first looked to science for the answers to life. She studied with the top researchers at Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans in the fields of Biological Sciences, Microbiology, Chemistry and Genetics. She still felt too many questions were left unanswered and decided to keep going to find the one ultimate truth in life. Because she has tested the Release Technique on herself and experienced transformation on every level of life, and taught this technique to tens of thousands of people worldwide with the same amazing results, she knows that this is the one ultimate solution that can transform your body and your life. Rebecca has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, sports and entertainment celebrities and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that hold people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.