Wisdom Weight Loss Solution

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40 Day supply for $139.00

 Average weight loss: 20-30 lbs

The Wisdom Weight Loss Solution includes:

  1. 2 bottles of drops –  a 40-day supply of two formulas (2 oz. each)  used in combination (shipped)
  2. 28-page Getting Started Step-by-Step Guide (pdf) contains all the information you need to begin your diet journey – how to take the drops, what they do, foods you can eat, the 4 phases of the diet, how to maximize your weight loss success and much more!
  3. 101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes Plus Hints & Tips from Experts (softcover, shipped)A great selection of recipes for the Phase 2 portion of the program!
  4. Phase 2 Weekly Shopping List (pdf)
  5. Phase 3 Weekly Shopping List (pdf)
  6. Phase 2 Weekly Intake Sheet (pdf) to record your journey
  7. Phase 3 Weekly Intake Sheet (pdf) to record your journey
  8. Phase 2 FAQ (pdf)
  9. Phase 3 FAQ (pdf)
  10. Phase 2 Tips for Success (pdf)
  11. 40-day Phase 2 Menu Planner (pdf) –  Sample meals for lunch and dinner for 40 days!
  12. Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches (pdf book)


  13. Phase 2 Vegetables & Spices (pdf) – photos of the 14 approved Phase 2 veggies with cooking ideas and links to youtube.com recipe videos (for each veggie)
  14. Phase 3 Recipes (pdf)
  15. Phase 3 Sample Menus (pdf)
  16. Phase 3 Food Tips and Resources (pdf)
  17. 13 Flavors of Liquid Stevia (pdf) and the most popular uses for each flavor!

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Before beginning any weight loss plan, you should consult your physician.

 $139.00 – ORDER TODAY!!

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