Sep 6, 2012

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Symeon Rodger

Live show date: September 6
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Longevity Secrets – Defeat the 7 Deadly Spirals of Disease

Learn  the world’s greatest  LONGEVITY SECRETS ! Are you interested in getting into superb physical condition and enjoying more radiant health than you have ever experienced?

Dr. Symeon Rodger says most people begin to ruin their health as early as age 30-35, with this decline accelerating dramatically after age 50. Dr. Rodger has spent the last 30 years evaluating the ancient world’s most impressive secrets of personal development. He will be sharing with us the  most effective Qi Gong age-reversing practices from the Taoist Masters of ancient China, the first to make longevity into a science.

Find out how why chronological age does not dictate your physical capabilities or your health. Learn why you can fall into these 7 deadly spirals, even if you are on the world’s best diet. Get all the details of a proven ancient system that can help you gain:

  • The strength of  a bear
  • The flexibility of a gymnast
  • The calmness of a Zen Master 
  • More resistance to disease and accidents than anyone around you!


Dr. Symeon Rodger is an expert in what is considered the single greatest energy healing system ever devised- Chinese Qi Gong. He is a sought after speaker and consultant on Human Resilience and Leading Expert in the Personal Development Systems of the ancient world. Dr. Rodger is a Best-Selling Author on Personal Transformation methods used by ancient cultures. He is also a University Professor, a Martial Arts expert, and  an emergency management expert. Dr. Rodger’s diverse background also includes training in counter-terrorism by Veterans of the U.S. and Israeli special forces, and running Top Secret Intelligence Operations for the Canadian Government.